Jeanie Wiles Community Service Scholarship Award

Jeanie's Story

Jeanie had a very abusive childhood and when she was in the 8th grade she dropped out of school.  Jeanie decided to run away from home because of the physical abuse she was experiencing.  Jeanie then went to Boston where she stayed for two years.  When she later returned back to Ohio she was arrested for being a runaway.  She chose to go to a group home over going to Juvenile Hall for two years.  Despite the many obstacles Jeanie faced in her personal life she was able to graduate from high school in two years.  Jeanie desired to help people and while she was married to Tim Wiles she took in two of her nieces that were being abused and raised them as her own children for about eight years.  Jeanie had a heart for the less fortunate and always made meals for them to eat. 

The Jeanie Wiles Scholarship is a $500.00 award that will be given in addition to the HDMI Scholarship to benefit either a first generation or low income student. The Jeanie Wiles Scholarship will be given to the student who can show that they are trying to make a positive difference in the lives of others or the community where he/she lives.

Jeanie Wiles Scholarship Application

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